Happy National Day

So today is the National Day in Spain. We (they) commemorate the anniversary of Columbus arriving in America in 1492, a day like today, 12th of October.

Even tho there is a massive economic crisis, we proudly spend thousands of euros getting all our military out and about. Planes do an aerial show making a Spanish flag in the sky.


Tanks, soldiers, more useless military walk around and people go out on the streets to greet them. Well done! You are protecting us from no one. We are wasting money on having you working to invade other people’s countries.

You do as you are told, no matter if that includes destroying people’s homes in Irak (2003-2011) where we supported Bush’s USA government, or supporting a our own despotic government whose actions go against their own people.

Another good reason to celebrate this day is not only to show off our military, but to celebrate the slaughter of native Americans when Spanish people got to a continent that they thought they had just discovered, even though it had already people living there. Let’s just commemorate the massacre of all the native population of Cuba, in which there are ONLY descendants of slaves who were forced to immigrate from Africa. There is no natives left.


By Joos van Winghe – Brevisima Relacion De La Destruycion De Las Indias; by: Bartolome De Las Casas;, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1831551

Yes, we should be very proud to have found innocent people and forced them to work, when not kill them, ridicule their religion, traditions, and steal and exploit their gold.

Of course those are reasons enough to feel proud of ourselves when it wasn’t even us ourselves who did it, but people in Spain 524 years ago. Such barbaric acts made disappear entire populations but we feel the need to celebrate it in 2016. Makes total sense.

Happy National Day.

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Monica S.

Journalist, activist, thinker. MA in international Journalism. Life is better with a dog.

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