Exploring winter wonderland

The magical combination of winter and Christmas takes place in London for its 10th year. Of course we are talking about Winter Wonderland.

What to expect this year: It’s much bigger than last year and has new attractions for the bravest ones. We recommend you to spend the whole day there, as there are so many things to see and do. These are main ones:

  • Ice Rink. The biggest one in London but also one of the busiest ones! Book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Magical Ice Kingdom. Easy to miss. Keep an eye on the map –it’s definitely worth it.
  • Giant wheel. Amazing views of London. Also available to book online and skip the queue.
  • Bavarian village. Bratwurst sausages, German beer and live music.



Dos and don’ts

Do bring cash, as the cash machines inside will charge you a £2.50 fee and most places don’t accept card payments.

Don’t come with your pet during the weekend –it will be uncomfortably crowded to walk with your dog.

Don’t even try the chips shop –they are cheap for a reason.

Do eat from any of the Bratwurst stalls. They serve affordable tasty food.

Do come prepared for cold temperatures. A hat and a scarf are a must if you want to stay there for quite a few hours, even though they have fire pits at some of the bars.

Do not bring any water bottles –they will take them at the entrance.

Do go on the giant wheel for spectacular views, but be aware of the waiting times in the queue. Best do it during the sunset but consider the 40 min waiting queue.

Do risk it at the fair games if you want to win a small teddy. We recommend the balloon darts. Easy and fun!

Top tip: Coming from Green Park tube station, go to the closest entrance to the festival, then towards the ice rink. See the attractions, then towards the circus and the Munich Looping, in the center. After that, at the back you’ll see the Artic Lodge Bar ideal for a snack. If you keep going right, –best at nighttime– you’ll find the pretty Angel’s market, full of stalls. When you are done, you can go to the Magical Kingdom and take great pictures of the undersea creatures. Finally, have dinner at the Bavarian Village and leave through the Knightsbridge exit for a complete visit.


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Journalist, activist, thinker. MA in international Journalism. Life is better with a dog.

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