This is my latest article for an Australian website on Juicing for weight loss.
By Monica Sanchez

Everyone knows that a healthy diet must include a large amount of fruits and vegetables, but it’s not easy to eat five pieces of fruit or that many vegetables a day – like experts recommend –  however, juicing can be the ultimate solution. Combined with regular exercise, juicing is the fastest solution to weight loss and you’ll be doing this with a boost of energy because of all the vitamins that you’ll get from only natural sources.

We’ve all done it. No one gets to eat proper organic raw food in every meal. Well, unless you start juicing. And when you do, you’ll be much more aware of your food intake, and you will avoid those unhealthy meals and easily substituting that cheeky snack full of carbs with a healthy juice. And the best thing is the feeling afterwards: Energetic, active, revitalised. You will feel good overall and ready to accomplish your goals. Let’s see the ways we can do it.

Juice feast or juice fast?

There are two ways to benefit from juicing. Juice feasting consists of including a glass of juice with your meals. Alternatively, Juice fasting consists of having only juice for a few days to cleanse your body – After all those years of bad eating habits your body is a bit clogged, so you might want to detoxify it first through juices. You will be getting all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables and no other additives or added fat. Your body will get rid of all the toxins that build up inside you and will have a clean-up of your whole system. But if you think it’s not for you, or even if you are pregnant or diabetic, I would recommend you to simply go for the juice feasting, increasing your intake of vitamins and antioxidants and therefore boosting your energy levels.

Juicing vs smoothies

A juicer separates the juice from the pulp, also called insoluble fibre. A blender on the other hand crushes the whole piece of fruit or vegetable without extracting anything, which results in a slower sustained absorption from our bodies. The juice will give your digestive system a much-needed break and will purify your body. Also, a glass of juice will have a higher nutrient content than a smoothie, however it will take longer to prepare. Although smoothies might create a sense of fullness, I personally find them much harder to drink because of the thickness and the air bubbles that will make you feel bloated, but there is no right or wrong when it comes to one or another. Some people say juices end up to be more expensive because you need many more ingredients to have a full glass, however you can water down (and this is a good recommendation!) the juice and have the same amount as you would if you used a blender.

How long will it take me to lose weight?

It really depends on the person, but a good way to start is with green juice (vegetables mainly). They are more effective for rapid weight loss as opposed to fruit only juices. Some fruits are full of sugar and calories, however you can add an apple or orange in order to make the veggie juice tastier. Increasing the amount of vegetables and fruits in our diet will often be recommended by nutritionists when changing to a healthier diet.

Side note: I had to write a very positive article on juicing, however after all the research done for this article I have to say I do not promote juice fasting as our body needs fibre and juices lack of it. Adding juices to your diet however can be an excellent way to add some vitamins and nutrients every now and then. For more info read this article written by dietitian and Huffington Post contributor Jessica Penner here
This article serves just to add another page to my portfolio and must not be taken as actual advice on health issues or weight loss.

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